Case study Cogne Acciai

Case CogneAcciaiToday Cogne Acciai Speciali is one of the leading producers of stainless steel long lasting products in Europe and its production plant is located in an area of 520,000 sqm in the southern town of Aosta in Italy. Its production programme includes stainless steel wire rod, round bars, valves, semi-finished products and special steel for tools.

The project

At the end of 2007, when InfoPMS® was implemented, the people who were in charge of the maintenance in Cogne Acciai Speciali mainly used various tools to plan deadlines and record jobs carried out.

With increasing levels of protection and control established for high risk plants, in Cogne Acciai Speciali the need to adopt a Maintenance Software became urgent in order to certify the regular working of their equipment and the maintenance carried out particularly in the areas known as "sensitive" .
The new system had to be a unique tool that could manage and monitor preventive and extraordinary maintenance, integrate with the spare parts warehouse, improve safety and minimize environmental impact through the creation of specific work orders, support the process of decision-making, through the analysis of performance indicators . After a careful software selection, InfoPMS® was identified as the solution that could meet these needs

Production units involved

Through InfoPMS® the central maintenance dept (maintenance engineering) monitors the following production units:the steel workshop, the main facilities of which are:

  • UHP Electric Arc Furnace, continuous casting unit, blooming mill and a forging workshop;
  • the rolling unit equipped with an integrated bar and wire rolling mill;
  • the finishing off area;
  • the mechanical workshop equipped with CNC machine tools suitable for the production of pieces up to about 20 m in length.


IB Offer in Metal Mills

  • InfoPMS® for Enterprise Asset Management
  • Control Room for plants monitoring
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • AR Assistant: remote interaction between Expert and UserTag

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