Case study Tecnologie Avanzate

Case TecnologieAvanzateTecnologie Avanzate deals with medical technology including premium diagnostic products for radiotherapy, neurosurgery, radiology, medical imaging systems and surgical products, thanks to exclusive collaborations with leading multinational industry leaders and research centres. Today, Tecnologie Avanzate Group has three locations in Italy (Turin, Rome and Udine), as well as one in the United States (Boston) and has got about 40 employees in Italy, with a global turnover of more than €40,000,000. In recent years the group has installed more than 1000 radiotherapy and radiological pieces of equipment like accelerators, computer networks, densitometries, mammography and fluoroscopy devices.

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Case study Esaote

Case Esaoteis one of the world's leading producers of medical diagnostic systems. It is well established as a Europe-based leading ultrasound manufacturer, and internationally acknowledged as the world leader in dedicated MRI. The Esaote Group is also one of the top companies in the Information Technology for healthcare field. Today the Esaote Group has about 1,360 employees, 45% of which work abroad. 


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Case study Città della Salute

case cittadellasalute2With the merging of the three regional hospitals, "Città della Salute e della Scienza" became the largest healthcare centre not only in Italy, but also in Europe, operating with about twelve thousand employees. The new healthcare center is comprised of the following hospitals: Molinette, Dermatologico San Lazzaro, San Giovanni Antica Sede, CTO-Maria-Adelaide, Ospedale Infantile Regina Margherita and Sant'Anna.


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