Case study Olicar

 Case OlicarOlicar Group is the leading Italian company in the technological services for the production and integrated management of energy. Present on the market for over 50 years, the company is an ESCO with expertise in the planning and management of saving energy, in the production of energy from renewable sources, and of the development and construction of complex structures. Olicar operates throughout Italy, and presently has a staff of more than 481 people, including employees, engineers and technicians.


Olicar, an IB Partner in Business since 2007, uses InfoFACILITY® to control orders and their performance and it is able to enrich its offer with complementary services and advanced technologies.
Olicar opted for InfoFACILITY® software because it was able to:

  • accurately organize the technical work carried out;
  • give transparency to the contractual relationship with the customer, supporting each operational step and documenting the work carried out;
  • be more competitive in a highly challenging market by offering appropriate technological tools to internal and external operational staff and to the operating centres;
  • improve the integration of its processes both from a technical and economical point of view;
  • participate in tenders obtaining a higher quality score, thanks to a partner like IB with recognized experience and a significant number of clients.

Key numbers

Olicar directs about 80 integrated management projects with InfoFACILITY® on a total area of 2 million square metres, receives about 48,000 requests for intervention / year and carries out 170,000 work orders (including 122,000 scheduled maintenance).

IB Offer in Facility

  • InfoFACILITY® software for Facility Management
  • ZEnergy for energy management
  • Inventory Survey of assets and plants
  • Data entry service, data control

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