Case study Sorgenia

Case SorgeniaSorgenia is the first Italian private operator of the national power market and natural gas markets, with 500,000 customers throughout Italy and 2,900 MW power plants.



Sorgenia selected InfoPMS® to:

  • carry out the inventory of the machinery in the power plants of Modugno, Lodi and Aprilia
  • define maintenance plans associated with the machinery / equipment
  • handle the spare parts inventory, equipment, etc.. that are required to perform maintenance activities
  • create the conditions for the Failure Analysis
  • produce a report that analyses and records the maintenance carried out on machinery
  • manage via email / SMS requests of maintenance starting from the inefficiency notices
  • define a unique set of measures to be taken by staff in order to safely operate on the plant
  • provide the legal documentation that the service provider must sign when taking charge of the system on which the maintenance will be carried out. 

Power Plants

Turano Lodi (Lodi), Aprilia (Latina) and Modugno (Bari) in Italy

IB Offer in Power Generation

  • InfoPMS® software for Asset Management
  • Control Room for plants monitoring
  • Diagnostic Board for transcoding of data
  • Maintenance Engineering

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