Case study Tecnologie Avanzate

Case TecnologieAvanzateTecnologie Avanzate deals with medical technology including premium diagnostic products for radiotherapy, neurosurgery, radiology, medical imaging systems and surgical products, thanks to exclusive collaborations with leading multinational industry leaders and research centres. Today, Tecnologie Avanzate Group has three locations in Italy (Turin, Rome and Udine), as well as one in the United States (Boston) and has got about 40 employees in Italy, with a global turnover of more than €40,000,000. In recent years the group has installed more than 1000 radiotherapy and radiological pieces of equipment like accelerators, computer networks, densitometries, mammography and fluoroscopy devices.


Tecnologie Avanzate wanted to monitor and manage the integrated maintenance service for electrical equipment in public and private hospitals where its technical service contracts are active and chose IB because of its thirty years of experience in the industry. With InfoHEALTH®, Tecnologie Avanzate is now able to manage the entire life cycle of the equipment that it distributes, from purchase to installation, testing to planned and extraordinary maintenance, and is fully linked with the spare parts warehouse.

Even Tecnologie Avanzate technicians benefit from remote access to the application via portable devices that allow them to take immediate action regarding any damaged equipment or to view planned work orders by integrating InfoHEALTH® with Google Calendar.
Finally following a specific request by the client, IB has implemented a special form "Demo & Application" which assists the specialists in their product demos and training activities conducted directly at their customers' premises.

Key numbers

About 3,000 customers are processed by Tecnologie Avanzate Group with InfoHEALTH® among which hospitals and nursing homes located throughout the country of Italy. Approximately 1,500 work orders are issued for maintenance per year and decoded by the software, while about 2,000 pieces of equipment are surveyed.

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