Data Centre Service

In order to enable full use of the solutions developed and offered by IB to their customers, in 2004 our organization set up a hosting service for the applications supplied and used by the customers.

The service of data centre offered by IB guarantees maximum reliability and scalability. The customer may define the level of service that they intend to achieve with IB, starting from the mere provision of basic infrastructure of the data farm - based on CISCO technology, 300 Mbps internet bandwidth, perimeter security and generally, all the services in support of business continuity - leaving the customer free to acquire machinery and to directly supervise it, up to complete reliance on IB for the application management, paying an all-inclusive fee for the machinery, the licensed software and technical assistance.

  • The proposed service has been designed in order to offer the following advantages:
    • no capital expenditure to be paid by the customer for the purchase of server machines, IT equipment and basic software required by the solutions and technologies acquired by IB;
    • immediate start up of the software project without the required upgrading of the client's server rooms and the direct involvement of IT colleagues, often engaged in other projects of computerization;
    • remotely constant updating of applications supplied without direct involvement of the customer's technical staff;
    • elimination of risks due to failure of hardware and / or software necessary for the proper working of the applications;
    • increasing safety in data management (regular backups, fire safety equipment to protect the servers that manage data, anti-hacker systems, etc.)..
  • IB daily delivers to its customers the following services:
    • installation and maintenance of the provided applications installed in data centres;
    • real time monitoring of the performance made by the data centre;
    • ongoing support 24/7;
    • design and implementation of policies for data back-up and eventual restore of functions;
    • availability of highly specialized personnel to solve problems with software and / or remote access to applications via the web and / or terminal server.

The data centre configured and managed by IB in collaboration with Zucchetti spa has been designed and implemented by adopting the latest technology to ensure the highest level of service, 24 hours out of 24, 7 days out of 7.

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