IB offer in Fashion

  • InfoPMS®, software for Enterprise Asset Management and Safety
  • InfoFACILITY® the maintenance software for the world of Facility Management dedicated to owners or operators of real estate properties
  • Document Management
  • Inventory Survey also in digital format to properly measure real estate and assets
  • Data entry service, customised to guarantee the accuracy of the data entered in the software and the reliability of the analysis
  • Data centre hosting for the applications supplied and used by the client
  • Control Room for plant monitoring: control and history of plants performance for energy governance and data collection
  • Tools for Safety Management (ISO18000, Dlgs. 231/01, 81/08, Behaviour Based Safety methodologies)
  • Business intelligence tools for data analysis
  • Mobile Technology: Applications for PDA ragged Windows, Apps for Smart Phones (IOS®, Android®, RIM®...).

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