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Public Sector

In the field of Public Administration IB provides software solutions for buildings and structures related to Regions, Provinces and Municipalities, starting with a detailed analysis of the inventory for the management of the entire building stock. IB, therefore, manages integrated services for real estate, buildings and IT assets, and spaces used for other public activities such as museums, schools, and all other public buildings in general by monitoring the following assets:

  • building structures, green areas, streets, general infrastructure
  • all equipment related to the aforementioned infrastructures
  • communication, data, and IT equipment.

Our software solutions allow THE USER TO:

  • monitor in real time plants' functioning and efficiency
  • plan maintenance and re-eingineer plants
  • decrease energy consumption
  • realize effective savings policies.

Process Industry

IB operates in Process Industries (Chemical, Pharmaceutical) with work and asset management solutions.

Our software solutions allow the user to:

  • Keep track of maintenance performed and of planned preventive maintenance
  • Manage maintenance teams, planning their works and estimating staff required for
  • Manage maintenance third contractors, widespread in the chemical industry
  • Keep track of the technical documentation of the equipment and make it available to everyone involved
  • Control costs, manage the budget, and measure technical (eg OEE) and economic performance
  • Automatically produce and register the Material Safety Data Sheet (PSS, Work permits, etc.)
  • Track plant breakdowns, including technical analysis in order to reduce potential accidents / breakdowns
  • Control of plants know-how, share information, facilitate change management
  • Ensure the management of consumable and spare parts and maintain proper supply.

Power Generation

For years IB has been promoting and distributing its vertical solutions in the world of energy production and distribution, also through the network of trading partners, enabling software solutions such as InfoPMS® to become more and more standard reference in the Energy Industry (Power plants, waste incinerators, cogeneration power stations, lines and distribution systems, power plants renewable energy: wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, hydro). By combining methods such as predictive maintenance or on-condition, the IB'solutions were developed and implemented in order to create the conditions to govern the processes of change.

Alongside the traditional features that distinguish the InfoPMS® software platform, such as the management of preventive and extraordinary maintenance, materials management, security and management control, IB has developed dedicated functions such as the tight connection with the most widespread DCS/SCADA systems on the market, aiming at automatically importing the working hours of the single tags, and the malfunction alarms; it  also integrated sw and hw power estimation procedures for the release to function of the machineries, after maintenance (Lockout / Tagout), it created some interfaces with GIS systems for the geographical localization of plants throughout the territory.

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