IB designs, implements and distributes software solutions and technological tools for technical maintenance management in the Fashion industry supporting owners and manager in order to obtain the actual technical control of:

  • shops, stores, outlets and factories, infrastructures in general
  • other equipment relating to the properties described here above
  • production plants in general.

Our solutions allow the user to:

  • optimize the budget and reduce overall maintenance costs
  • have have one sole repository in which the documentation for shops, factories, and outlets can be kept
  • be connected to the archive at any time and from anywhere (real time answers)
  • easily check and compare documentation required as opposed to documentation actually present
  • operate a tool which can easily be used by everybody (e.g. clerk, secretary, technician, etc.)
  • file and import documents related to contracts and contractors
  • manage activities related to risk assessment (assign orders, track order status, collect and summarize all information in order to define a proper budget) and to the reporting of near misses made by the shops (which is usually done via e-mail)
  • manage health documentation
  • manage the documentation related to safety training
  • have standard of maintenance records for all equipment subject to periodic checks.

IB Offer in Fashion

  • InfoPMS® software for Asset Management
  • InfoFACILITY® software for Facility Management
  • Tools for Safety Management
  • Document Management

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