Hospitals & Clinics

IB designs, implements and distributes software solutions and technological tools for technical maintenance management in Public and Private Hospitals and Clinics to obtain the actual technical control of:

  • electrical medical equipment
  • building structures, green areas, streets, infrastructures in general
  • all equipment related to the aforementioned infrastructures
  • communication, data, and IT equipment.

Our software solutions allow the user to:

  • optimize the budget and reduce overall maintenance costs
  • have control of technological assets through a perfect knowledge of the consistency and the technical status of each asset managed
  • have a effective tool for planning and monitoring activitie,s and for optimizing human and technical resources
  • increase the reliability of plants linked to uncontrollable or unpredictable downtime
  • facilitate decision-making, as well as the availability of timely and accurate information on any technical or operational device
  • support investment planning in medical technologies and plants
  • facilitate the management of third party relationships, allowing every contractual aspect to be monitored, giving maximum transparency to the relationship
  • eliminate inefficiencies, resulting in an overall improvement of the service provided, which can also be perceived by any other user
  • have a tool which supports the various parties involved in the technical operations, in compliance with local regulations.

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