More than thirty years experience of IB in other industries (marine, transportation, process industry, etc ...) have contributed to the development of specific solutions for Infrastructures industry. Hence the maintenance computerization processes of ports and multi-functional hubs, may comply with specific standards to be submitted for the technological infrastructure of these areas, activities where IB has given a great contribute thanks to the different European projects in which it is involved.
The airports with the characteristical difference between land-side and air-side managed by maintenance postholders, as well as complex road infrastructures (highways, road tunnels), find timely solutions to their maintenance needs.

The solutions and services of IB in this area are particularly addressed to:

Ports and Hubs

Ports and Hubs


Land-side, Air-side

Road Infrastructures

Roads, Speedways

IB Offer in Infrastructures

  • InfoPMS® software for Asset Management
    software for Facility Management
  • InfoTOD for the management of the obstacles to air navigation
  • Inventory Survey of real estate and assets

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