Control Room

IB offers a single graphical interface, thanks to the Total Monitoring tool developed by Iconics, capable of interfacing with monitoring systems and controls (existing hardware and software) in use in different stores to collect and centrally monitor all operating data.

Main benefits of a control room are:

  • Universal connectivity: the tool is able to constantly communicate with machinery and heterogeneous systems normalizing different communication protocols avoiding direct access to single systems;
  • Storing and automatic data logging: through data compression the control room is able to create a history of relevant data to be analyzed by DSS tools (Decision Support Systems);
  • Graphical interface of data / signals for the notification and display of alarms generated in real time by the subsystems;
  • Policies of Energy Management: thanks to the availability of contextual information on energy-consuming devices (machinery, power stations, etc..), bill registered consumption and data collected by the energy provider (in case of discrepancy), you can monitor the energy efficiency of machinery and compare administrative and budget data to highlight any inefficiencies.

IB Offer in Retail

  • InfoFACILITY® software for Facility Management
  • ZEnergy for energy management
  • Inventory Survey of assets and plants
  • Control Room for plants monitoring

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