Manufacturing & Automotive

The Manufacturing industry, and in particular its leading sectors (automotive, electronics, etc.) is characterized by significant opportunities with consequent greater risks, especially due to the increasing presence of competing markets.

High production capacity doesn't automatically mean an increase in margins, which are highly dependent on the efficiency of all processes, on supply chain management and on technical maintenance.

In this vast scenario, the automotive industry must focus its business, being at the same time compliant with the rules in force, while aiming to reduce costs across the board.

Our software solutions allow the user to:

  • Keep track of maintenance performed and of planned preventive maintenance
  • Manage maintenance teams, planning their interventions and involving operational people
  • Keep track of the technical documentation of the equipment and make it available to everyone involved
  • Control costs, manage the budget, and measure both technical (e.g. OEE) and economic performance
  • Automatically produce and register the Material Safety Data Sheet (PSS, Work permits, etc.)
  • Track plant breakdowns, including technical analysis in order to reduce potential accidents / breakdowns
  • Control plants know-how, share information, facilitate change management
  • Ensure the management of consumable and spare parts and maintain proper supply.

IB Offer in Manufacturing

  • InfoPMSĀ® for Enterprise Asset Management
  • Control Room for plants monitoring
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • AR Assistant: remote interaction between Expert and UserTag

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