IB supports, implements and distributes software solutions and technological tools for technical maintenance management in Retail Companies such as: shopping centres, outlet and retail. The management is referred to:

  • building structures
  • heating and refrigeration equipment
  • lifting plants
  • fire and burglar alarm systems
  • all equipment related to the aforementioned infrastructures.

Our software solutions allow the user to:

  • obtaining the right balance between maintenance investments and safeguard of asset life cycle
  • managing completely plant inventory, space management, maintenance activities and all aspects of asset management
  • creating a unique analytical monitoring environment (Control Room) able to communicate with heterogeneous subsystems
  • verifying in real time the correct operation of devices that belong to the outlets' facilities
  • carrying out an analysis tool for energy efficiency and consumption.

IB Offer in Retail

  • InfoFACILITY® software for Facility Management
  • ZEnergy for energy management
  • Inventory Survey of assets and plants
  • Control Room for plants monitoring

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