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The pilot project in Noberasco has just started. In 2008 Noberasco, a leading Italian company in the industry of dried fruit and nuts, celebrated a century of its activity. Noberasco needed to govern the maintenance process in order to make it more efficient and less costly notwithstanding the increase of activities and the strong seasonality

of the same, which requires maximum availability of machinery and equipment. The existing software, which had been realized in-house, was not able to analyze and monitor all the variables involved and to manage its process.

The InfoPMS® software will supply the technical direction in Noberasco a tool able to optimise the technical management of the production plant in Vado Ligure, the first and only factory in the world able to process and package soft dried fruit without preservatives, minimizing time spent to repair failure, managing maintenance activity in order to properly plan jobs to do and spare parts to purchase.

At the end of the test phase, the software application will assist the company in the set up of the new production plant that will be set in the surroundings of Carcare owned by EMI of 23 000 m2 of which 4000 for office use, with dedicated areas for auditorium, products showroom, room for nutrition education and perhaps a food museum. InfoPMS® will also manage real estate and energy management of this new site.

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IB is a 30 year old company specialized in designing and implementing software solutions and Enterprise Asset Management projects.

IB is a 30 years old company specialized in designing and implementing software solutions and Enterprise Asset Management projects.

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Explore InfoSHIP EVO

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