Zenergy is the software solution dedicated in particular to monitor consumption and environmental parameters enabling companies and public administration to streamline processes and to take appropriate energy saving policies.

Zenergy, which is the natural evolution of InfoENERGY powered by IB, natively integrates with other IB's Info softwares and stands as a new solution which allows maximum functional coverage of energy and maintenance processes.

IB has created together with Zucchetti, the leader Italian softwarehouse, the new company Zucchetti Facility, to enhance the aspects of energy efficiency which for years IB has been dedicated to. Increased market coverage, the union of the skills of a highly qualified staff and advanced technical and technological investments are Zucchetti Facility's plus.

Ensure greater competitiveness with targeted actions in the field of energy management: this is Zucchetti Facility primary goal!


InfoENERGY is a software solution that makes energy consumption and its data accessible and usable through a hardware and software system that monitors and controls the energy consumed and produced.
InfoENERGY helps organizations to save on energy costs.

Thanks to our experience in computerized maintenance management systems, InfoENERGY supports the effective and efficient management of the asset, helping companies to manage corporate assets such as real estate or production sites, improving company performance and control of technical and energy aspects, increasing the availability and reliability of equipment and buildings.

More than ever today it is necessary to monitor and reduce consumption. According to the dossier presented by the Foundation for Sustainable Development in July 2013, the cost of energy consumed by Italian corporations was 18% higher than the European average. Therefore scaling back consumption has become a factor of utmost strategic importance for Italian companies that want to compete with major firms abroad.
Moreover, nearly 40% of European energy consumption is due to real estate; up to 30% of this consumption is usually wasted.

For these reasons, IB has designedInfoENERGY, a solution forasset and energy management made specifically to monitor and analyze energy efficiency.



InfoTOD is the solution dedicated to airport operators for survey, monitoring and GIS representation of the obstacles to navigation and provides the right mix of innovative IT solutions and services to comply with the rules in forces.
InfoTOD consists of:

  • full- web system software for the management of obstacles, the electronic storage of surveys coming from the monitoring of the state of efficiency of the day and night lighting systems, the photo documentation, and the representation of the obstacles on 2D maps ;
  • GIS module for the 3D graphical representation of the obstacles and the identification Service of potential obstacles to air navigation (ENAV extra reporting) ;
  • Survey Service of Obstacles to Air Navigation using innovative techniques of aerial photography and digital mapping ;
  • SCB Lighting devices for Reporting Obstacles to navigation

InfoTOD is a solution which aims to facilitate and support the activities required by the regulations in force for airport operators for the management of obstacles to air navigation.
InfoTOD detects obstacles through an innovative methodology , called 'selective return' , which allows to drastically limit the costs in the phase of surveying and post- processing of topographical surveys.

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