Case study Acquario

Case AcquarioAcquario di Genova is the largest aquarium in Italy, with a total area of 9,700 square metres, consisting of an original body (39 tanks) and the "Nave Blu". The Acquario di Genova is managed by Costa Edutainment SpA, the Italian leader in the management of sites of interest and of large public and private facilities dedicated to recreational, cultural, educational, and scientific research.


Thanks to IB's solutions, Acquario di Genova is able to:

  • create a single application that can be used by all of the users in the structure (different cost centres, general services, maintenance, etc.)
  • centralized services: unify both the facility / machinery management and the IT management
  • manage Acquario head offices and the rest of the Aquarius Village
  • implemente strategies focused on improving and optimizing the management of its assets which has led to the reduction of failures, the improvement of the equipment life cycle and the optimization of maintenance

Facilities managed and key numbers:

L'Acquario, Città dei Bambini, Bigo, Biosfera, Galata Museo del Mare, and the Nazario Sauro submarine.
Since March 2009, with InfoFACILITY® over 5,500 requests for assistance have been handled successfully. The number of maintenance items related to infrastructure amounts to more than 125, including small, medium and ocean tanks, over 500 IT assets including PCs, phones and printers while in regards to machinery there are over 140 fire extinguishers, 470 doors, 38 UTA, 138 switchboards and 58 fire hydrants, for a total of over 1,750 objects filed. 

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