Case study Codere

Case CodereCodere is a multinational company operating in the field of legal gambling, the activity of which is centered on the management of gambling terminals, bingo, betting, casinos and racetracks. Codere is present in eight countries in Europe and Latin America and employs more than 14,000 people. On 31st December 2010, it owned and operated more than 53,500 gambling machines, 129 bingo halls, 597 betting shops, 13 casinos and 3 racetracks. It is the second largest operator of gambling terminals in Spain, and the largest operator of bingo halls in Mexico.


Codere, which entrusted the integrated service maintenance to Johnson Control, has required the implementation of InfoFACILITY ® for inventorying, managing and maintaining real estate assets and pertinent technological systems (elevators, air-conditioning, fire protection, electrical plants).
With this software, Codere has a more efficient technical and maintenance process, by recording scheduled maintenance already carried out, monitoring the correction of malfunctions within the deadlines specified in the service contract and optimizing the spare parts warehouse management.
To drastically minimize inefficiencies, the managers of the bingo halls are able to have direct access to the application through a web portal, where they can issue requests for machinery or facility intervention and assign a priority of action to each. Then, the Johnson Control's engineers are promptly alerted through a messaging system and intervene to restore the efficiency of the machinery according to the urgency of the request.
Thanks to the introduction of a national price list, the repairing jobs are recorded in InfoFACILITY®, ensuring the accurancy of the amounts to the market.

Key numbers

Through InfoFACILITY® Codere manages 13 Italian bingo halls, with nearly 6,000 game stations and more than 800 people employed and since 2012 it has been issued about 1,500 intervention requests.

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