Case study Novacoop

Case NovacoopNovacoop is one of the major supermarket chains operating in the northern Italian region of Piemonte and it is one of the main consumer co-operatives belonging to the Coop national system. Founded in 1990 with the merging of Coop Piemonte and Coop CPL, it operates throughout the region and in a limited area of Lombardia. Nova Coop has a dynamic sales network, composed by 61 stores including supermarkets and malls.

Thanks to IB's solutions, Novacoop is benefiting in the following ways:

  • standardized control of each outlet and machinery
  • performance improvement of monitored systems
  • reduction of maintenance running costs
  • monitoring of energy performance, resulting in reduced consumption
  • storage of data in order to create a more accurate and realistic budget

The main assets being monitored are those dedicated to:

  • Cold food storage: production of energy necessary to store food (sales areas / warehouses)
  • Air-conditioning: control system set on climatic variations inside stores (with a focus on sales areas)
  • Electrical systems: all electrical systems inside stores (e.g. cash registers, slicers, ovens, etc.)
  • Power consumption: power consumption of machinery inside the store (cold food storage, air conditioners)
  • Fire and burglar alarm: shoplifting alarm systems and others
  • General technological alarms: black-outs, activation of electrical generator.

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