InfoHEALTH Modules

InfoHEALTH® is the technical management software dedicated to health industry (hospitals , clinics, nursing homes , etc. ) and service companies operating in this sector (manufacturers of electromedical equipment, technological and energy service companies, service providers in general) that contributes to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of technical management and ensures the total economic and technical control of maintenance.

InfoHEALTH® includes in one product the functions to meet all maintenance needs of the health sector, with the aim of providing operational and decision-making support to those who need to further optimize present processes. It is integrated with inventory and technical management, as well as the maintenance of complex structures such as clinical engineering services and technical offices.

The enterprise asset management system InfoHEALTH® is composed of about 25 modules, each with a specific function, firmly focused on the healthcare market and is grouped as follows:

  • InfoHEALTH hospital asset management software CORE Modules
    Core Modules
    Cover medical equipment and asset inventory, internal and external maintenance, supply chain and document management.
  • InfoHEALTH hospital asset management software ADVANCED Modules
    Advanced Modules
    Enable th integration of other software in order to manage warehouse, IT assets, work loads and customer satisfaction.
  • InfoHEALTH hospital asset management software BUILDING Modules
    Building Modules
    Enable the integration with building automation systems even via WIFI and with CAD blueprints, providing environmental data and monitoring contracts with third party companies.
  • InfoHEALTH hospital asset management software MOBILE Modules
    Mobile Modules
    Consists of technology and devices completely integrated in the software platform for remote access.
  • InfoHEALTH hospital asset management software INTELLIGENCE Modules
    Intelligence Modules
    Provide graphical representation of key performance indicators for efficiency.
  • InfoHEALTH hospital asset management software PLUS Modules
    Plus Modules
    Enable access to transport documents and to electrical safety checks on medical equipment entered in the system and any test carried out on them.

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