Case study AMA Roma

Case AMARomaAMA Roma is the largest operator in Italy in the integrated management of environmental services with a catchment area of more than 3.3 million people. The service of collection and sweeping stretches over 1,285 sq km of operating area, with more than 3000 vehicles.



The project

With the reorganization of AMA Roma occurred in 2009, InfoPMS® has become an essential tool to share information amongst the various company departments (maintenance, service operation, warehouse , etc.) and decentralized logistical depots. Today, InfoPMS® users within AMA Roma are over 600 and operate in several sites, including workshops and garages, located in various Roman districts involved in the maintenance process.

Thanks to infoPMS®, AMA Roma is able to know the vehicles available or out of order in real time, with accurate and analytical data, to manage scheduled maintenance, to monitor the contracts of full-service (including the penalties to be applied to suppliers in case of missed deadlines), to manage administrative data of vehicles (tax, insurance , revisions, etc..) and accidents and to monitor effectively the performance of the fleet through a management dashboard.

Key numbers

2,300 AMA Roma vehicles are managed by InfoPMS®, of which about 1200 are in Full Service. In total Work Requests for maintenance amounted to over 100,000 per year; 22,500 of these are managed in Full Service in Rome, 16,000 in its territorial offices or through external suppliers and 3,500 are performed outside Full Service, by external suppliers.

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