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Case study Eurallumina

Case EuralluminaOwned by Rusal, the Russian multinational operating in the world of raw materials, Eurallumina transforms bauxite into alumina (aluminum oxide) in Sardinia (Sulcis Iglesiente). With more than 400 employees and about a hundred contractors maintenance per day, its production capacity is 1.1 million tons / year.

The project

Before this project Eurallumina used a software dated '80s that showed a lack of versatility of use, a difficult navigability between its different applications and a graphical interface obsolete. From the functional point of view, the previous SIM suffered from some major shortcomings such as failure analysis, the ability to link the technical documentation to the plant parts or documents processing, a timetable of scheduled maintenance technician who was not a mere economic planning and the ability to schedule the maintenance phases as a function of hours of operation of the installations.

The project aimed to improve plant reliability, reduce maintenance costs and production losses, improve safety levels and minimize environmental impact. This implied the need to adopt a Maintenance Information System that could support decision making, analysis and review of maintenance and engineering analysis to improve and optimize the maintenance activities.

InfoPMSĀ® was implemented in 2003 and it has become a fundamental part of its maintenance process.

Departments involved

Production, maintenance, mechanic workshop, electrical workshop, tools workshop, central planning, department planning, maintenance engineering, new projects, process engineering, purchasing, inventory, accounting.

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