Case study Gesac

Case GesacGESAC is the handling company of the Naples International Airport, the second largest airport in southern Italy, and the Regional Airport of Salerno Costa d'Amalfi. GESAC was one of the first Italian airport management companies to have signed, in November 2009, the Program Contract with ENAC, which includes the new price list.

Requirements met and benefits:

  • Tenere Keeping track of maintenance carried out and of the preventive maintenance plan
  • Managing the maintenance teams, planning jobs involving operational staff
  • Keeping the technical documentation of equipment and making it accessible to all
  • Controlling costs, managing budgets, measuring the technical and economical performances
  • Keeping track of safety behaviours (Behaviour Based Safety)
  • Tracing and recording machinery failures for statistical analysis in order to minimize potential accidents / breakdowns
  • Controlling machinery know-how, disseminating information, facilitating staff turnover
  • Managing the spaces through graphical interfaces, appropriate coding and automatic updating of the basic inventory
  • Ensuring the proper management of consumer products and spare parts and their correct supply.

Assets managed

flight infrastructures such as runways, parking areas for aircrafts, links, control tower, AVL, airport vehicles, refueling / bunkering equipment.
passenger terminal, UTA equipment and thermal power stations, BHS equipment; roads, car parking and other facilities open to the public.


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