InfoPMS Modules

Through a simple interface and a custom profiling, the maintenance management software InfoPMS® promotes the dissemination of technical knowledge and procedures inside a company at all levels, improving the management and organization of human and economic resources.

The enterprise asset management system InfoPMS® consists of more than 20 modules, specifically designed to support Maintenance Managers, Technical Directors or Chief Operating Officers in the daily management of plants, technologies and vehicles, and can be divided into the following functional groups:


  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software BASE modules
    Base Modules
    Enables to manage asset inventory, planned and extraordinary maintenance, internal and external activities and document management.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software CONTROL modules
    Control Modules
    Enables one to monitor maintenance expenses, control third party activities, provide key performance indicators and spread internal communication.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software DEVICES modules
    Devices Modules
    Consist of integrated technologies and mobile devices, eventually including touch screen and bar code technology.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software  IT modules
    IT Modules
    Enable the integration with other software and in particular with ERP, the receiving of alarms upon specific events such as when you receive an order.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software LOGISTICS modules
    Logistics Modules
    Dedicated to the management and stocking of spare parts and consumables, and to the purchasing flow of materials and services.
  • InfoPMS CONTROL computerised maintenance management software OPTIONAL modules
    Optional Modules
    Lets you manage vehicle accidents, use a digital signature, authorize work and manage safety measures.

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