InfoPMS Logistics Modules

The intuitive navigation treeview of the maintenance software InfoPMS® LOGISTICS modules allows the user to save time through quick identification of spare parts. Spare part quantities are calculated based on the stock in hand as well as planned maintenance. Once the spare parts reaches a minimum quantity, a purchase request will be issued. If a planned maintenance requires specific spare parts, the system will automatically reserve them.
With the LOGISTICS modules of the enterprise asset management software InfoPMS®, purchasing is processed by evaluating the reliability of the supplier, and using official price lists and comparing quotes at a single line-level.

InfoPMS® suite Logistics Modules are composed of the following:

  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software MM Module - Material ManagementMaterial Management
    To manage spare parts and consumables and / or materials in general: from the issue of purchase requisitions up to the delivery of goods and the closing of request.
  • InfoPMS computerised maintenance management software AP Module - PurchasingPurchasing
    Covers the entire purchasing process from the issue of the purchase request for materials, or services, up to the actual delivery, or the execution of the service.

InfoPMS® Modules:

InfoPMS-Base-Modules  InfoPMS-Control-Modules  InfoPMS-Devices-Modules  InfoPMS-IT-Modules InfoPMS-Logistics-Modules InfoPMS-Optional-Modules

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