InfoSHIP EGO Real-time performance monitoring tool

InfoSHIP EGO is the real-time fleet performance monitoring able to supervise ship conditions, identifying critical issues and suggesting immediate corrective actions in order to improve ship efficiency.

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Monitoring Reporting Verification

InfoSHIP® EGO offers an effective way to be compliant with SEEMP and MRV regulation, because it provides different solutions designed for data collection and reporting as required by EU Regulations.

The data collecting system can be filled out by the crew through manual input, by importing excel files or by automatic data acquisition, according to the predefined format agreed upon.

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InfoSHIP EGO - Analytics

Analytics and Reporting

InfoSHIP® EGO processes and analyses data coming from the Noon report or the Data collector module, allowing to:

  • Create ship consumption models through machine learning algorithms
  • Compare a ship with sister vessels
  • Compare the performance of a ship over different periods of time (e.g. before and after dry dock)
  • Filter the data
  • Set and analyze specific KPIs
  • Export specific data into standard templates for periodic reporting

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