CM - Compliance Management

InfoSHIP® marine technical software CM Module has been specifically drawn in order to support shipping companies in managing their internal Process of Compliance.
In this way all the Company internal communications about safety and technical issues and, generally speaking, about Change Management, become fully traceable and constantly kept under control.

The idea is to aggregate and manage the outgoing communications toward the system users, ensuring that these interactions are drawn, managed and tracked in the shipping technical software InfoSHIP®.
The communication among system users consists of a structured part (system fields), of attachments (of all kind) that can be associated to the event, of a descriptive section and, finally, of a list of recipients that refers to system users.

According to precise rules, the software InfoSHIP® reaches all recipients associated to the event. Then, each user involved must read, acknowledge and/or apply the contents, in accordance with what he has been requested to do. Thanks to specific Overview Functions, the process owner is always able to control the situation by checking the timeframe in which users reply to the solicitation received.

Main Process Steps:

  • Definition and Coding of Communications Typologies to be managed;
  • Management of internal Company's communications due to the entry into force, amendment or adaptation of procedures, on the basis of issue (or amendment) of regulations and guidelines;
  • Creation, management and tracking of all communications;
  • Distribution to users (ship and shore) via distribution list (InfoSHIP users, identified per ship, ship class, rank, ...);
  • Compliance Process control by tracking of all involved users activities (read, acknowledgment, application).

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