DD- Dry Dock Process Management

InfoSHIP® shipping technical software Module DD is designed to support the Company in the complex management of Dry-dock Specification Works:
  • to know in advance the planning of ship docks and dry-dock technical specifications;
  • to support the crew and staff in the monitoring of third companies who execute works in dry-dock;
  • to classify dry-dock costs and normal operating costs and at the same time to identify and track destination and nature of each single cost for a correct accounting.

Firstly when Requisitions and Work Orders are postponed to Dry-dock and prepared as Drafts, a phase of Specification definition starts, in which finalization of budget costs is a key factor. Checks on the implementation of the work and cost controls are performed in the software InfoSHIP® at the end of the process.
Different types of documents can be attached to the Specification (technical drawings, photographs, and in general supporting documentation to help those designated to carry out the work).

The InfoSHIP® shipping technical software Module DD is fully integrated with the basic module and inputs to the normal management of the section dedicated to the Budget and Cost Control.

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