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InfoSHIP® EVO  is a software suitable for cruise, tanker, cargo, bulk and ferry vessels. It works to bring a high level of fleet control and efficiency to a broad range of technical processes.

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Empower your technical fleet management

 InfoSHIP® EVO is the new web-based, intuitive and smart software to help you to improve ship efficiency.


InfoSHIP® EVO continues to provide a large and consolidated subset of traditional InfoSHIP® functions, today also integrated with additional models and features.It simplifies users’ daily tasks and data collection, while facilitating the design and management of new processes within the system itself. The new edition of InfoSHIP® EVO does not pension off the classic InfoSHIP® Client Server solution. InfoSHIP® Client Server solution continues satisfying client requirements with yearly functional upgrades and customer support.

InfoEVO easy rev1

Easy to use

It improves operability and data collection

InfoEVO flexible rev1


It suits the company and users’ needs

InfoEVO webMobile rev1

Web & Mobile

it is always accessible with any device


Functional coverage

InfoSHIP® EVO includes functions designed to cope with specific marine market requirements and regulations, in compliance with the standard best practices for software development.


  • Planned and Extraordinary Maintenance

    InfoSHIP® EVO enables the user to better organize a maintenance plan and to manage activities to prevent equipment failures or breakdowns. Thanks to the implementation of different maintenance analysis methodologies, the system strongly contributes to improve machinery reliability.

    InfoSHIP EVO Maintenance
  • Procurement

    InfoSHIP® EVO gives the shipping company the complete visibility of their fleet procurement flow, helping them to gain control over their spending and budget. It provides overview of requisitions and purchase orders, quotation evaluation, inventory management integrating the existing system with ERP for invoicing and payments.
    InfoSHIP EVO procurement
  • Logistics

     InfoSHIP® EVO optimizes the inventory of a multilocation and multistore management, allowing the company to set optimized re-order levels and safety stock levels. Stock requests are also automatically issued from work orders, wether they are generated by failure events or from maintenance due dates, avoiding product shortages.
    InfoSHIP EVO Logistics
  • Event Reporting System

    InfoSHIP® EVO allows Incidents, Accidents, Security Incidents and Near Misses to be classified, reported, followed up and tracked. Every type of event requires different templates, data sub-set, flows and users’ duties, in view of a system’s configuration which can follow the company’s procedures and policies.
    InfoSHIP EVO Event Reporting System
  • Asset Management Planner

    InfoSHIP® EVO supports the Technical Department in developing, planning and executing Projects such as Drydocks, Wetdocks, Refitting or Large CAPEX projects. It consists of many sub-sections, which can be activated according to the company’s processes, structure and goals.
    InfoSHIP EVO Asset Management Planner
  • Certificates & Documentation

    InfoSHIP® EVO stores digital copies of mandatory Ship Certificates, keeping track of their expirations dates, and allowing Technical Marine Operation to easily distribute them among the fleet. Being flexible, it can be applied to the management of any kinds of documentation.
    InfoSHIP EVO - Certificates and Documentation

A new point of reference

InfoSHIP® EVO is a system designed to make a significant step up in the technical management of a fleet.
It represents the state of the art software, both from a technological and functional point of view.


New methodologies

New methodologies and best practices coming from other industries to inspire clients and lead them towards new schemes maximizing their value.

Scalable models

Scalable management models to allow clients to start small and grow incrementally as their structure gets used to new changes.


Store of assets

Traditional and new organizational models, report templates, prebuilt databases, and a rich set of easy-to-use functionality to hasten the time to market and facilitate the management of new processes.

Augmented analysis

Augmented capacity of analysis and reporting across the fleet for comparison and benchmarking to raise the on-shore office’s knowledge of the ship status and support decision-making.

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