InfoSHIP Methodology

IB acts as partner with companies, which intend to pursue a continuous improvement path, by providing the tools (organizational, methodology and technology) to support the increase in efficiency of managerial and operational structures.

Improvement paths proposed by IB are based on the evaluation of all the elements involved (human resources, technology, etc) and are aimed at creating the permanent conditions for driving events.

Our aim is to develop, together with the Client, a new way of working based on the organization of clear and well-defined roles, and with timely and objective results: fundamental conditions for successfully implementing efficiency improvement strategies.

This is achieved by applying the basic principles of the new business concept, rationalising the need for change (defining aspects in a project plan), and establishing the appropriate interventions required to reach goals.



  • Fase 1: Assessment - InfoSHIP


     Assessment (AS-IS)

    Global analysis of the technical and maintenance situation. Survey of existing processes and operating procedures. Highlighting of areas which can be highly improved.

  • Fase 2: Individuazione criticit√† - InfoSHIP


    Gap Analysis

    GAP Analysis according to benchmarks and customer needs.

  • Fase 3: Business Process Re-engineering - InfoSHIP


    Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

    revision of Processes, Policies and Procedures. Definition of Workflow and Project Plan. Drawing of operating plan, with procedures, process and project files. 

  • 4 fase Implementazione progetto - InfoSHIP

    Project Deployment(TO-BE)

    standard processes and features implementation. Simultaneous implementation of improvement solutions, according to the Project Plan and its schedule (priorities, time, costs, ...).

  • Fase 5: Controllo del Sistema - InfoSHIP

    System Control (KPI)

    analysis of what has been implemented and its technical, economic and procedural impact on the organization. Creating indicators (KPI - Key Performance Indicators) that control periodic and objective feedback.


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