In the effort of helping its customers improve their asset management, the activity of IB also consist of a continuous technical and operational consultancy. Constantly monitoring the manifest and latent needs of its market, IB defines the nature of the services to support the software supply and to offer added value to its customers.

The services offered may be divided as follows:

  • datacenter
    Hosting service and software consulting with assistance in the definition of procedures for access and use of technology provided, from the supply of basic infrastructure up to the complete reliance on IB for the software application management.
  • dataentry
    Massive data entry of ship decoding, jobs carried out, technical documentation, maintenance contracts, accounting documents related to the management of assets, in order to constantly create homogeneous databases that allow you to generate reliable and certified statistics and performance indicators.
  • inventario
    IB offers a service for inventory of any type of asset, the collection and storage of textual, graphical, technical and photographic documentation, as well as the geometric survey of the assets and facilities, with the definition of appropriate standards for encoding the elements of the assets.
  • altri sv
    • Consultancy to support the implementation of designed software solutions;
    • Customised Software;
    • Maintenance engineering;
    • Control and monitoring of maintenance services and techniques.
  • IB Data Centre Data Centre
  • IB Data Entry Data Entry
  • Inventory Survey Inventory
  • Other Services Other Services

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