BBS dataBASEB-BS dataBASE software can be applied to any organization that has implemented a Behavior-Based Safety (B-BS) project in various sectors, from manufacturing and shipping, to the chemical industry and healthcare. The application is completely web based, uses the most common browsers, and is responsive, meaning it is capable of adapting to any interface: desktop, tablet and smartphone.

From an operational standpoint, B-BS dataBASE collects data, monitors the process through dashboards customised for each player of the process, sends deadline warnings, communicates goals which have been met as well as those that were missed, and suggests rewards for people with a high commitment to security.

B-BS dataBASE supports internal management and consultants in the daily supervision of processes, including:

  • Continuous monitoring of safe behaviors and immediate reporting of hazardous conditions with evidence of their removal.
  • Respecting and tracking widespread surveillance required by Legislative Decree no. 81/08.
  • Ensuring the measurability of behavior and that there is compliance with the Behavior Analysis Principles so that compliance can be reinforced.
  • Documenting the implementation of B-BS certification processes and ensuring that they meet the international scientific standards.
  • Automatically resetting data analysis times, making the B-BS process completely paperless.

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