B-BS methodology

The B-BS (Behavior-Based Safety) is a scientific methodology that originates from Behavioral Psychology, born in the United States and recently adopted by Italy. The B-BS Protocol promotes safe behavior and reduces the level of accidents associated with undesirable behavior. According to research, this methodology has the most effective outcomes related to work safety, in terms of reducing the number of safety related accidents and incidents.

According to INAIL and trade unions, the B-BS Protocol is the most valid and effective method in decreasing accident risk, which in turn reduces insurance fees as it is seen as the lowest-risk approach and is well regarded by insurance companies.

IB has started a collaboration with A.A.R.B.A. (Association for the Advancement of Radical Behavior Analysis), whose President, Professor Fabio Tosolin, is considered the leading expert both in Italy and in Europe. Thanks to this alliance, IB has contributed to the development of the B-BS database, the new software that automatically analyses, reports and creates feedback for B-BS procedures (Behavior-Based Safety), which will be presented at the 10th European Congress on the 24-25 June in Milan.

The B-BS database software solutionprovides maximum support to HSE Managers and Safety Leaders in the collection and management of data concerning safety behavior, hygiene and environment.

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