• Increase ship reliability

    Bringing ship owners to a different
    level of control of their vessels

  • Give Voice to your Fleet Data

    Bring out the best performance in your fleet by​
    converting valuable data into actionable output

  • GNV
  • Costa
  • Carnival
  • Moby
  • NCL
  • Finnlines
  • Corsica Ferries
  • Elbana di Navigazione
  • Caronte
  • Ottavio Novella
  • MSC Cargo
  • Marnavi
  • Premuda
  • PietroBarbaro
  • Finbeta
  • GBottiglieri
  • DePoli Tankers
  • Messina

If you are seeking for efficiency, rely on our expertise in marine processes and invest in our technologies 

For almost 35 years, IB has been dedicated to the design, development and implementation of enterprise asset management systems for the technical, maintenance and energy management of the fleets. Thanks to IB's software solutions, technologies and services, customers can plan and schedule maintenance activities, technically and economically monitor third-party performance, streamline production processes and services, and have full control of the vessel.








Data Security

  • Get Benefits from Paperless Navigation
  • Dry-Dock Optimizer
  • Give Voice to your Fleet Data
  • Maximize your Ship’s Life-cycle
  • Safer Ships' Operations
  • Get Benefits from Paperless Navigation

    InfoSHIP ELB replaces official paper logbooks with an electronic format and, thanks to several controls that have been introduced, prevents users from making any manual input errors.

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  • Dry-Dock Optimizer

    InfoSHIP PLANNING manages your projects (e.g. dry docks, refitting, etc.) with a powerful tool that brings order and structure to all tasks and activities that need to be accomplished.

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  • Give Voice to your Fleet Data

    InfoSHIP PERFORMANCE enables continuous real-time fleet monitoring and decision making support tools for both ship and headquarters users: fuel saving, control ship conduction, route and speed optimization, optimum trim suggestions, and specific technical and managerial analysis.

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  • Maximize your Ship’s Life-cycle

    InfoSHIP ASSET optimizes stock, improves the reliability of machinery, maintains better control of ship performance, builds a shared knowledge-base of best practices, benchmarks performances and keeps budgets under control.

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  • Safer Ships' Operations

    InfoSHIP QUALITY records all events that occur on board (incidents, accidents, near misses, etc.) by event type (Technical, Safety, Health, Security, etc.) and tracks the whole follow-up process.

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