Mission and Vision

We would like to grow while remaining true to ourselves

Maintenance is where we began

For over 35 years, IB has been offering software solutions dedicated to the asset management of ships, complex plants and big buildings. Investing in “maintenance” means caring about the effects of good management in each step of the value chain, improving the asset's cycle performance, thereby significantly reducing economic, social and environmental risks.

With maintenance as the keyword in IB's origins, we think there are other meaningful words which are equally important in proper asset management, such as safety and sustainability. Our solutions are developed by allowing these key concepts to guide us, and IB's consultancy activities for management processes are aimed at the development and the continuous growth of our customers and their business.

Maurizio Ricci, CEO & Founder

Our Vision

Building trust in our relationships with customers is something we place the highest value on and are strongly committed to achieving through our IT competency, the re-engineering of processes and the evolutionary dynamism of our products. The digitization era we are currently experiencing gives us an enormous opportunity in this respect, which must be translated into change and progress towards excellent solutions. Together with our partners, our customers and our "people", we want to contribute to these changes and to encourage the market to benefit from them.

Our Mission

IB aims to consolidate and strengthen its market position while safeguarding the values in which we strongly believe:


because it creates new solutions, thinking unconventionally


because it keeps promises, building transparent relationships


because it is fast in answering and curious in meeting the challenges

Person first

because it creates human relations with customer, supplier, partner

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