IB Influencing Business

Logo and payoff have changed

The reasons for change

The end of 2018 has seen big changes in IB; Giampiero Soncini, a top manager with a long maritime experience has joined IB, as a new CEO in the Marine division, while the Chairman Maurizio Ricci will also assume the role of CEO in the Industrial division.

IB starts a new path towards achieving ambitious goals and the rebranding graphically reflects such intentions.

Why Influencing Business?

IB has what is needed by the companies of the future: cutting edge technologies, experience and expertise.

IB has innovative products that meet and anticipate market’s needs, make the difference and can positively impact the way our customers operate and work.

How was the logo designed?

The logo was created starting from the two letters of the old logo and thinking of a change, of one step forward. The logo represents sailing before the wind, to reach new and wider horizons.

Hidden between the two letters, I and B, is the number 1 that represents our determination and willingness to become the point of reference in the industries we operate.

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