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Behavior-Based Safety (B-BS)

The proactive culture for safety at work

B-BS (Behavior-Based Safety) is a scientific methodology that originates from Behavioral Psychology. It is a method which was born in the United States and has recently been adopted by Italy. The B-BS Protocol promotes safe behavior and reduces the level of accidents associated with undesirable behavior. According to research, this methodology has the most effective outcomes related to work safety in terms of reducing the number of safety-related accidents and incidents. INAIL and trade unions consider the B-BS Protocol to be one of the most valid and effective methods in decreasing the risk of accidents which in turn reduces insurance fees. This is because it is seen as the lowest-risk approach, and therefore is well regarded by insurance companies.
IB has started a collaboration with A.A.R.B.A. (Association for the Advancement of Radical Behavior Analysis), whose President, Professor Fabio Tosolin, is considered to be the leading expert both in Italy and in Europe.

Behavior Based Safety for Accident Prevention

were caused by the unsafe
acts of personnel

Herbert William Heinrich, who had worked for 30 years in an insurance company found that nearly all accidents have a common underlying cause related to unsafe actions and hazards in the workplace.

John Austin of Western Michigan University, carried out a study in nine different industries and seven countries and found that the implementation of B-BS resulted in a 54% injury reduction.

within 3 years of implementing BBS
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B-BS database

B-BS dataBASE software can be applied to variouos sectors and any organization  that has implemented a Behavior-Based Safety (B-BS) project, from manufacturing and shipping, to the chemical industry and healthcare. The application is completely web based, uses the most common browsers, and is responsive, meaning it is capable of adapting to any interface: desktop, tablet and smartphone.
From an operational point of view, B-BS dataBASE collects data, monitors processes through dashboards customised for each player in the process, sends deadline warnings, communicates goals which have been met as well as those that were missed, and suggests rewards for people with a high commitment to security.

12th B-BS European Congress

SHERATON LAKE Como, 14-15 June 2018

The dark side of work: safety and much more

The largest congress in Europe on the Behavior-Based Safety management at work is addressed to those who want to manage their company in a safer way at work, in order to reduce accidents, through the reduction or elimination of risky behaviors and actions and the simultaneous promotion of appropriate behaviors at work.

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