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From Ship Management to Asset Management

Infoship supports companies in a real step-up in marine operations, bringing ship owners to a different level of control of their vessels with functions designed to cope with their specific market requirements.

Infoship Asset

Infoship Asset

Infoship Asset enables the user to optimize the stock process, improve the reliability of machinery, increase the control of ship efficiency, to build on shared knowledge based on best practices, to benchmark company performance and to keep their budget under control.

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Infoship QHSE

Infoship QHSE

Infoship QHSE records and tracks incidents and accidents that occur on board, manages the expiry or renewal of certificates, plans audit scheduling, and handles the follow-up flow of technical inspections and events.

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Infoship Performance

Infoship Performance

Infoship Performance is a real-time and continuous fleet monitoring software which supports decision making in terms of energy governance, fuel saving, route and speed optimization, optimum trim advice and technical and managerial analysis.

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Infoship ELB

Infoship ELB

Infoship ELB replaces the official hard copy log books with an electronic format and enhances data integrity and accuracy through several use controls, preventing the user from omitting any required data and reducing manual input errors.

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Infoship Planning

Infoship Planning

Infoship Planning supports the Technical Department in managing projects such as Drydocks, Refitting or Large CAPEX projects. It keeps budget vs actuals under control, collects improvements requested by the ships and monitors the work in progress during every stage of the project.

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A cloud software
Ready for the future

Infoship looks not only to today’s needs but into the future, because it has been designed in order to apply new technologies as soon as they become available, to adapt to changes that may occur in your organization and to facilitate integration with other systems present in your company.

Ship to shore data exchange

Infoship enables users to work both on a centralized database in the cloud and by traditional ship to shore data synchronization.

In case of good connectivity from the vessels, the ship can be linked to the office installation with a simple web browser, without installing any hardware on board. Otherwise, InfoSHIP® allows the company to install a specific database and application on every single vessel with regular data exchange between the office and the individual ships of the fleet.

Access everywhere

Infoship apps are compatible with different OS and are specifically designed for speeding up the process of data recording and viewing. They can work off-line, without connection or signal and are able to automatically synchronize data with InfoSHIP® installation.


Visualize technical equipment and ship information, create and edit work requests, fill-in maintenance and inspection check-lists, identify machinery/component, update the values for counter reading

Stock Management

Identify an item, monitor and update inventory levels.

Event Reporting

Record and track Incidents, Accidents, and Near Misses on board.


View and approve purchase requisitions.

To Excellence Industry 

New methodologies

New methodologies and best practices from other industries inspire clients and lead them towards new horizons, maximizing their value.

Store of assets

Both new and traditional organizational models, report templates, prebuilt databases, and a rich set of easy-to-use functionalities hasten the time to market and facilitate the management of new processes.

Standard sets

Traditional and new organizational models, reports, precompiled databases and a rich set of easy-to-use features to speed up time to market and facilitate the management of new processes.

Augmented analysis

Augmented analysis and reporting capacity across the fleet for comparison and benchmarking and to raise the on-shore office’s knowledge of the ship status and support decision-making.

An effective Integration strategy

Infoship is increasingly more integrated with different databases, structures, and systems (Condition Based Maintenance sensors, Automation, ERP, 3rd Parties Logistic software, etc..) for sharing strategic information, maximizing the re-use of data without double entries and moving asset management technology forward.


  • Premuda
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Grandi Navi Veloci
  • MSC Shipmanagement
  • Premuda

    Thanks to its intuitive graphical interface, Infoship was chosen by Premuda in October 2017 to effectively plan and report maintenance. Users of the 8 bulk and 3 tankers of the fleet and the shore staff can also access information on plants, spare parts and the history of the works carried out. Premuda, which is in line with the European Union's 2015/757 legislation on carbon dioxide emissions (MRV), monitors and collects data for reporting CO2 emissions thanks to the installation of the InfoSHIP for MRV add-on module.

  • Carnival Cruise Lines

    The cooperation between Carnival Corporation brands and IB software started in 1995 with the implementation of the Maintenance & Operation software solution on the Costa Crociere fleet first, and now with more than 50 ships including CCL and AIDA cruises.
    Infoship has always supported the company in monitoring and progressively improving the management of their Technical Processes, Procurement, Quality and Safety, Dry Dock , and Hotel (Maintenance and Purchase Process) with a continuous exchange of ideas and experiences and through the defining and achievement of goals.

  • Grandi Navi Veloci

    The Infoship system was first installed in 2011 and is now used in 11 operating vessels, allowing users of all ship departments, as well as technical staff, to control and better streamline Maintenance, Purchasing, and Inventory processes, contributing to the process of continuous improvement and ongoing growth. Grandi Navi Veloci is one of the leading Italian shipping companies operating in the fields of coastal navigation and passenger transport in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • MSC Shipmanagement

    In September 2016, MSC Ship management invested in a range of retrofit solutions to reduce the energy consumption and air emissions of its fleet, totaling more than 160 containerships. After trialing InfoSHIP Performance on one vessel it is now being “rolled-out” on the entire fleet. InfoSHIP Performance allows MSC to manage the retrofit actions based on real payback evaluation, thus ensuring compliance with emission recording requirements.

  • GNV
  • Costa
  • Carnival
  • Moby
  • NCL
  • Finnlines
  • Corsica Ferries
  • Elbana di Navigazione
  • Caronte
  • Ottavio Novella
  • MSC Cargo
  • Marnavi
  • Premuda
  • PietroBarbaro
  • Finbeta
  • GBottiglieri
  • DePoli Tankers
  • Messina

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