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Maximize your ship’s life-cycle

Streamlining operation processes, eliminating time-wasting activities and enhancing communication and data flow between ship and shore are fundamental pillars in preserving the best life-cycle of any vessel.

InfoSHIP® ASSET has been designed for a full fleet management, stepping up the level of ship management.
You can efficiently manage your fleet while keeping preventive maintenance work on a predictable schedule, optimize your inventory management while avoiding excess stock, make sure needed parts are always available, and centralize your procurement process while being able to increase control over the suppliers and contracts that the organization uses.

Improve operations and performance

Increase ship reliability
Organize a maintenance plan to reduce unexpected machinery downtime.
Improve items availability
Manage a multi-store inventory and optimize the stock taking process.
Keep costs under control

Help companies budget and monitor the maintenance expenses of their fleets.

Effectively plan and execute maintenance

Effectively plan and execute maintenance

InfoSHIP® ASSET enables the user to better organize a maintenance plan and manage activities to prevent equipment failures or breakdowns. Thanks to the implementation of different maintenance analysis methodologies, the system strongly contributes to improve machinery reliability.

All-in-one cloud Inventory

All-in-one cloud Inventory

InfoSHIP® ASSET optimizes the inventory of a multi-location and multi-store management, allowing the company to set optimized re-order levels and safety stock levels. Stock requests are also automatically issued from work orders, whether they are generated by failure events or from maintenance due dates, avoiding product shortages.

Streamline the Procurement Process

Streamline the Procurement Process

InfoSHIP® ASSET gives shipping companies complete visibility of their fleet's procurement flow, helping them to gain control over their spending and budget. It provides an overview of requisitions and purchase orders, quotation evaluations, inventory management that integrates the existing system with ERP for invoicing and payments.

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