Continuous Monitoring of Ship Performances

InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE is the real-time fleet performance monitoring software which is able to supervise ship conditions, supporting ship managers to improve ship efficiency and obtain relevant savings.

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Five reasons why InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE

Always under control

Real-time fleet monitoring

InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE is equipped with a real-time dashboard showing the position, speed, trim, and power of each ship. The fleet is under control, continuous monitoring, thanks to alerts created directly by the user and automatically issued in case of equipment malfunction or abnormal vessel behavior.

only verified data

Data accuracy

Data that comes from automation, navigation systems and any other devices installed onboard are acquired, stored and verified by InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE. Only information compliant with preloaded data and ISO 19030 are filtered, allowing accurate key performance indicators to be generated.

no more failures & breakdowns

Best maintenance scheduling

InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE monitors hull, propeller and engine performances and identifies critical issues, supporting ship managers to take a series of maintenance measures to avoid breakdowns or to improve ship efficiency.

Fewer costs and more savings

Reduce fuel consumption

InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE suggests the speed and trim to be maintained during a ship’s route, integrating the master’s observations with five official oceanographic weather forecasts and loading conditions. The goal is to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining the same Estimated Time of Arrival.

all that you need to plan and to act

Decision-making support

Analysis is InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE’s real strength when it comes to operation improvement and information sharing between operators and vessels. The software can compare ship efficiency over different periods of time and estimate the paybacks of refitting and/or retrofitting actions. Benchmarking against sister vessels may suggest corrective actions on trim and propulsion optimization. Ship performance degradation over time could signal when a specific maintenance job has to be done. Big data and machine learning are used to configure a company’s targets and support decision-making.

  • Fleet Status Map

    Fleet Status Map

    Need to track real-time your fleet on global satellite map, from global overview to a single ship?

  • Route Explorer

    Route Explorer

    Want to monitor sea-going ships to operate in Emission Control Areas and respect control corridors?

  • Speed Optimisation

    Speed Optimisation

    Are you interested in optimizing vessel speed to minimize total fuel consumption?

  • Dry Dock Analysis

    Dry Dock Analysis

    Would you like to evaluate improvements and losses in ship performances after a dry dock?

  • Trim Optimisation

    Trim Optimisation

    Want to know the trim condition that puts forth the least resistance for any given draft and speed?

  • Degradation Analysis

    Degradation Analysis

    Need to monitor degradation in the performance of engines, hull and propeller over time?


Suggest optimal trim for given operating conditions, ship's loading and speed.

Engine optimisation

Monitor cylinder pressure and help engines to run efficiently, preventing damage.

Propulsion Efficiency

Compare actual vs target hydrodynamic and thermodynamic performances.

Speed optimisation

Propose a ship’s optimal speed for minimizing fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.

Route Explorer

Show both past and current real-time ship routes on different maps.

Fuel Consumption

Calculate fuel consumption for legs or a whole voyage with different operating conditions.

Degradation Analysis

Determine the optimum time for maintenance and repairs based on ship's hull degradation.

Dry Dock Analysis

Evaluate dry dock payback by comparing ship performances before and after maintenance.

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Risk Assessment

Monitoring Reporting Verification

InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE offers an effective way to be compliant with SEEMP and MRV regulations because it provides various solutions designed for data collection and reporting as required by EU Regulations.

The data collection system can be filled out by the crew through manual input, by importing excel files, or by automatic data acquisition, according to the predefined format agreed upon.


In 2016, the IMO adopted a mandatory fuel consumption data collection system for international shipping. Through the new Regulation 22A on collection and reporting of ship fuel oil consumption data, as well as new appendices, ships above 5,000 gross tonnage will be required to collect and report data to an IMO database, effective at the start of 2019.

InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE is able to collect fuel consumption information that comes from automatic and manual data sources, and to filter, process and analyze them using a business intelligence tool.

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