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Safety first

Increasing number of disasters at sea have resulted in a growing focus on environmental issues, accelerating from the late 1970s onward. Specific regulations have been designed for maritime operators with a focus on avoiding damage to the environment, preventing human injury and fatalities and providing adequate training and certification to crews.

InfoSHIP® QUALITY helps you to comply with quality and safety standards and the increasing demand for comprehensive reporting, reducing your administrative burdens. It supports you in complying with regulations in force, storing certificates and monitoring their validity, and to reduce the risk of maritime accidents by collecting the audit outcomes and assigning corrective actions.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Increase safety on board
Improve safety event reporting and take measures to prevent recurrence.
Reduce non-conformities
Distribute corrective actions across the fleet and update instructions accordingly.
Automating standard tasks

Monitor the validity of certificates, plan and analyse audits/inspection outcomes.

Event reporting

Event reporting

InfoSHIP® QUALITY allows Incidents, Accidents, Security Incidents and Near Misses to be classified, reported, followed up and tracked. Every type of event requires different templates, data sub-sets, flows and user duties depending on a system’s configuration which can align with a company’s procedures and policies.

Certificates and Documentation

Certificates and Documentation

InfoSHIP® QUALITY stores digital copies of mandatory Ship Certificates, keeping track of their expirations dates, and allowing Technical Marine Operation to easily distribute them among the fleet. Being flexible, it can be applied to the management of any kind of documentation.

Audit, Inspections & Questionnaires

Audit, Inspections & Questionnaires

InfoSHIP® QUALITY helps the user in the planning and reporting of any type of Audit and Inspection (internal, external, class, port state control, etc.), managing follow-up activities and assigning corrective/preventive actions.

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